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GD500 - Lancet Device
GD500 - Lancet Device
The GD500 lancing device is a reusable lancing device for home and professional use. It automatically injects and retracts the lancet at the fingertip to obtain a capillary blood sample. The 7 step depth adjustable cap allows the best depth setting for each individual user.

Product Features

  • Special safety design
  • Lancet eject function
  • Painless pricking
  • Proper spring force
  • Clear blood drop volume indications

Product Specifications

Special safety design:
when cap is open, the trigger will be relieved automatically which prevents you from being pricked in case you accidentally press the release button.

Lancet eject function: press the release button in on hand and pull on the plunger in the other hand will safely eject the used lancet which prevents you from being pricked when cap is open.

Painless pricking: exact and vibration free guidance of the lancet makes almost painless feeling when you get the blood sample.

Proper spring force:
allow user easily to pull on the plunger for pricking.

Clear blood drop volume indications: allow user easy to adjust for the proper sample volume.

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