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processProcess your partner for corporate design, product design and corporate communications. We approach our work as an interdisciplinary process and question current thinking and action. Our goal is develop new and autonomous solutions that effectively help to create an unmistakable corporate identity.

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heppPatents, Trademarks, other Industrial Property Rights, Agreements and Litigation are an increasing cost factor; they are time consuming, sometimes never-ending and difficult to obtain or to win; they are a source for never-ending paper-trails and sometimes even the reason for sleepless nights. However, Patents, Trademarks, Cooperation-Agreements and Litigation belong to the most interesting and challenging tools for conquering or defending markets

brpExistence and profit assurance are priority company objectives. In order to reach these goals, an efficient risk politic is necessary. The basis forms an objective analysis of the entire creation of value chain, from the performance provider to the customer. Our strength lies in the professional compilation of custom-made risk management solutions with optimally adjusted insurance programs. The customer builds the centre of our work.

chreativaThe base of our work are creative ideas with the target to produce time, cost and result oriented solutions. The requirements of our customers are central. In all entrepreneurial, marketing and communications fields we try to gain confidence and enthusiasm with convincing concepts. We work conceptually and strategically balanced. A modern infrastructure and a unique, strong NETWORK with partner organisations guarantee a FULL-SERVICE – fast, efficient, simple and on highest level!

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