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History / Milestones

BIONIME together with qualified experts in the field of diabetes have initiated and completed several SMBG patents during the last few years. Nevertheless, innovation and creativity will continue to characterize BIONIME’s efforts in the SMBG field.

2015 Jan - Established subsidiary in Pingtan, China
Dec - Received capital injection by private placement from Dongbao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
2014 Jan - GM720 won Taiwan Excellence Award
Jun - Members of the Diplomatic and Economic Representatives inTaiwan Visit Bionime for Exchange International Business and Bionime’s Competitive Advantages
2013 Mar - Mylife Unio Won Reddot Design Award
Mar - New Building & Factory completion
Sep - GD500 won National Invention and Creation Award
Sep - Pass Taiwan GMP certification
Oct - GM720 won National Industrial Innovation Award
2012 Jan - GE Selects Bionime to Launch Innovative Diabetes Solutions
Feb - Headquarter moves to new office in Taichung
Dec - New Product “Mylife Unio” shipped to European Market
2011 Mar - Strategic global cooperation with GE during term of Licensing Agreement in diabetes technology.
Jul - Pass Taiwan AEO Certification
Jul - Acquisition land property for extending operation
Sep - BIONIME has passed certification of OHSAS18001.
Dec - Bionime acquires the Innovation Award from Taiwan Ministry Economic Affair.
2010 Feb - Set up Bionime Australia Pty Limited.
Aug - Approved to apply a high-tech list company by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Sep - Granted the highest award of Taipei Biotech competition.
Dec - Become a public company and traded officially as a hi-tech company on the TWSE.
2009 Jan - Listed on Emerging Stock Market (#4737)
Apr - Pass KGMP audit.
May - Launch of Rightest GM550 in Europe.
Jul - Granted SFDA of RightestGM100, 110.
2008 Feb - Set up BIONIME USA Corporation.
Mar - Launch new Lancing Device to the market.
Aug - First shipment of ODM products.
Sep - Granted FDA 510(K) of Rightest GM100, 110.
Oct - In strategic alliance with Ypsomed, a Switzerland-based solution provider of injection system for diabetes treatment.
2007 Mar - Launch Rightest GM100.
Jul - Passed TNO Certification.
Aug - Passed ISO 13845 and CMDCAS audit.
2006 Feb - Set up BIONIME (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd.
2005 Jan - Granted FDA 510(K) of Rightest GM300.
Apr -
Set up BIONIME GmbH Switzerland Apr.
May -
Launch Rightest GM300
Jun -
Passed Taiwan GMP Certification Jun.
Aug -
Granted China SFDA of Rightest GM300 Aug.
2004 Nov - Granted CE Certification and passed ISO13485 Certification.
2003 Apr - BIONIME was founded at Dali City, Taichung County Apr.
Oct -
The development of the first generation of blood glucose meter was completed.
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gm100 instruction
gm300 instruction
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